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Corporate Web Content Management

Corporate Web Content Management

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For information on product management, see CWCM Portal.

The Corporate Web Content Management (CWCM) helps to manage and automate the creation of Europa site. It proposes

  • A decentralised approach allowing web content management for everyone :
    • Access rights to contents and user's roles are defined at site level by site owners: anyone registered in LDAP and having access to NET1 can play a role in any site. The communication between the so-defined actors can be managed by workflows.
    • No technical skill needed to be a EUROPA information provider: by clearly separating presentation (XSL) and content (XML), the CWCM allows the information providers to produce web pages without having to care about technical formatting details. The system is able to dynamically and automatically assemble basic pieces of content into well-formatted web pages according to predefined models.
    • No specific hardware/software needed: access to repository is done through a web based application. A browser is enough.
  • A mixed approach to web content presentation:
    • The presentation of a site is defined (using XSL) and managed by site owner.
    • Europa corporate presentation ensured by availibility of common presentation elements.
    • Contents are stored inside a central repository and are queryable by everyone allowing easy cross-referencing between sites.
  • A centralised approach to web content publication: the flows between the various technical elements used for the publication of the web contents are managed inside the tool.

Version in use on EUROPA

WebPublisher has been customized (CWCM project).

Efficient use of Documentum requires its customization to the standards of the Commission. The CWCM creates this customized environment by defining a basic set of content definitions common to all Commission websites, and standard templates to present that content.

See also CWCM releases.


Guidelines and references

You can find guidelines about the Corporate Web Content Management System(CWCMS) in the CWCMS Portal.



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