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PST for dummies

Different languages are used in the Page and Site Templates (html, xml...). This website concentrates on the WCM Templating Language.

The WCM Templating Language should be used to create the layout templates and fragments.


What's the PST?

The PST (Page and Site Templating) is a new language for creating easily any website. The PST complies with the IPG rules. It is based on new technologies, making it a standard utility.


  • An easier way to create a website compared to XSL.
  • Accessibility (WGA, navigation by keyboard, ...).
  • Unobtrusive and crossbrowser Javascript framework.
  • Smart loading of components (multi-instance, more options, ... ).
  • W3C CSS 2.1 framework (avoid many overwrites, provide a new corporate print version, ... ).
  • W3C HTML 4.1.
  • Cross browser validation.
  • ... and much more !