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Europa Publication: steps to Next platform


DG COMM and DG DIGIT are currently preparing the renewal of the EUROPA publication platform. This project is one of the building blocks of the Commission´s drive to improve its online communications through the rationalisation of its websites and the modernisation of the EUROPA web landscape, web governance and the underlying web management systems.

This operation, originally linked exclusively to the CWCMS (problem statement early 2011) was quickly extended to the entire EUROPA publication platform.

The major steps in this change process are:

  • A Business Users Needs analysis, led by DG COMM, completed in October 2012. The results are available on the following pages....
  • A Market Study and Solution Design, led by DIGIT, integrating software engineering, dissemination architecture, business needs and constraints. This step will be completed early 2013.
  • An acquisition process of software and professional services
  • The actual implementation of the solution.
  • The final stage will be the deployment of the new system (finalising V4 infrastructure and performing the migration from V3), accompanied by trainings and support.

The tools (CWCMS, Search, Analytics ...) currently in place will continue to be maintained/supported and will evolve until the migration to the new platform is completed (2015/2016).