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CWCM Roadmap

On this page you will find the roadmap for the upcoming new and modified functionalities of the CWCM system.

For each planned version of the CWCM the features are listed and explained briefly in the text below.

The list of improvements requested by users with breakdown by delivery is available here.


CWCM V3.5 - Fall 2014

The version 3.5 of the CWCM will be available during the fall of 2014 and will include the upgrade to a newer version of WebPublisher (6.5 SP7) and the Content Server (6.7 SP2).

In addition, minor PST and XSL improvements have been implemented.


Migration to WebPublisher 6.5 SP7 - Content Server 6.7 SP2

This version of the CWCM resolves the deadlock issues, which slowed down the background operations, and enhances the performance of the WebPublisher.

Thanks to the migration of WebPublisher the main CWCM web application will be supported on Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10.

In addition, a more recent version of the JRE is supported: Oracle JRE 7.0 update 65.


Support by new AVS IFrame

All the URLs corresponding to the AVS are now redirected by an IFrame to a single URL.

This is automatically done by a script and is totally transparent for the end users.


Presentation layer search features

The generation of the Search form is adapted in order to use the new simplified Search form.

In the PST and XSL 2013 templates the search service is added to the footer to be compliant with the standard templates.


Other presentation improvements

Several improvements have been implemented at the level of the presentation layer:

  1. The Media Gallery was adapted to work correctly on mobile phones and tablets.
  2. The XSL Java methods "getLinkGroupXml" and "getCategorizedLinkGroupXml" now return the link descriptions in the language of the document.
  3. The XSL Java method "getLimitedContextualLinkBoxXml" orders the results according to the language of the translations and not on the master language anymore.
  4. When ordering the results of the PST component "wcm:documents" on the title, the CWCM takes the language of the document into account.
  5. The indication of the size of the target of a link has been changed from KiB (kibi bytes) to kB (kilo bytes).
  6. When specifying a start and end date for the PST component "wcm:documents" you can now specify whether an AND operator should be used in the selection, or an OR operator.

CWCM V3.6 - Winter 2014

The next versions of the CWCM will focus on improving the performance, stability and usability of the CWCM in the form of analyses and extensions in the CWCM Explorer.

In order to improve the performance and stability analyses are currently conducted. These analyses include:

  • I681 - DGT module - improve translation of external links
  • T090 - S065 - Analysis slow regenerations

In addition, the CWCM explorer will be extended with import functionalities


CWCM Explorer: import

The CWCM Explorer will be extended with import functionalities similar to the existing WebPublisher: you will be able to import XML files, images, PDF documents and other files into a subsite of the CWCM.


I681 - DGT module - improve translation of external links

An analysis is being conducted concerning the automatic generation of the multilingual links for websites like,,,, The implementation of the automic generation will ease the insertion of hyperlinks pointing to these websites: depending on the chosen link strategy linguistic icons will be added automatically.


T090 - S065 - Analysis slow regenerations

It has been noted that some retrieval operations sometimes take more time than usually, like the retrieval of a menu. The purpose of this analysis is to identify the causes of the high reponse time and to identify a set of actions to improve the global CWCMS performance.