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Go-Live of the CWCMS v3 on the 03/11/2010

This is an important message concerning the Go-Live of the CWCMS v3 on the 03/11/2010, please read it carefully.

As announced on the 22/09/10 by the EC WCM HELPDESK trainings have been organised during the month of October in order to prepare the CWCMS user community to the transition of v2(current one) to v3.


The schedule announced previously is maintained, this entails:

  • Go-Live of the CWCMS v3 on the 03/11/2010 (morning)
  • The CWCMS v2(current one) will be disabled on the 29/10/2010 at 4pm, no publication will be possible from that time on until the 03/11/2010, Go-Live of the CWCMS v3. In case of genuine urgency (for example communication on an unexpected dramatic event) you should contact the WCM helpdesk.
  • The CWCMS v3 is still available for testing (until 26/10/2010 at 5pm) at the following address : with a snapshot of the production DocBase of the 10/10/2010. This environment is available for tests, it is currently off-line and publications on v3 will not appear on europa sites or any other live sites.
  • On the date of the Go-Live 03/11/2010 this address will be the one to use to enter the CWCMS :
  • Start date : 30/09/2010 00:00:00
  • End date : 03/11/2010 23:59:59