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DOCUMENTUM transition course from v2 to v3

This page is addressed to all contributors/editors/webmasters/consultants working with the Documentum "Corporate Web Content Management System"(CWCMS) as a base platform for one or several of their websites.

As presented yesterday during the EUROPA FORUM by Filips Crucke, the CWCMS v3 is now installed at the Data Centre in Luxembourg with a production data content snapshot of the 29/08/2010.


The CWCMS v3 is an upgrade of the current CWCMS in production, main new features are:

  • Upgrade of Documentum 5.2 to 6.5
  • New User Interface improving usability (content authoring & linkgroup management)
  • New hardware infrastructure based on higher performance servers

The Go-Live date of v3 CWCMS is scheduled for the 03/11/2010, if it successfully passes quality assessment.

We have organised trainings in Brussels & Luxembourg for all persons who will be impacted by this transition from v2 to v3. You can subscribe in syslog to one of these trainings: (see access path in media section)

Brussels dates available in syslog: 30/09, 04/10, 5/10, 06/10 (15/10, 18/10, 21/10, 22/10 will be made available soon).

Luxembourg dates available in syslog: 01/10, 07/10 (11/10, 20/10 will be made available soon).

The purpose of the v2-v3 training is twofold:

  • provide users of the current v2 CWCMS with a presentation & training on the new v3 version (morning)
  • Allow users/webmasters to check the behavior of their own websites, any issues detected will be recorded and analysed by our experts (afternoon)

Let us insist on the fact that we recommend to all DGs and other user communities to also invite contractors who have worked or are currently working on their respective site(s).

How to subscribe?

  • For Internal staff, please use syslog to subscribe to the training.
  • For "Intramuros"/On-site contractors & consultants, please use syslog to subscribe to the training if you have access.
  • For all contractors or consultants who do not have access to syslog make a request to your DG or organization to set-up the list of all consultants they wish to send to the v2-v3 training and send this list (unique if possible) by e-mail to DIGIT TRAINING SERVICES LUX (cc Giovanni Schettini[DIGIT]).

 There are no restrictions as such to subscribe to the trainings but we would appreciate if DGs and other user communities could come grouped (several persons working on the same site or set of sites). Of course this restriction is not exclusive different users working on different sites can subscribe to the same training. Since the afternoon will be dedicated to checking the individual websites trainees are working on, we prefer of course to avoid 12 trainees working on 12 different sites.

  • Start date : 30/09/2010 00:00:00
  • End date : 03/11/2010 23:59:59