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XML Feed

XML Feed is a background process which is charged periodically to upload the rss/xml documents from indicated websites to avoid uploading file during each generation of your webpages. Your webpages will be generated more quickly because the rss/xml document will be accessed from a local directory.

XML Feed is used with the dynamic linkgroups to import automatically items from a XML syndication (RAPID) or a RSS file. (WCM version 2.5 and greater)



Before using your url in your XSL or in the interface of dynamic linkgroups, you must send an email to COMM EUROPA Management to add the url of rss/xml document in the configuration file of WCM.

Here are the schemas of allowed feed formats:

  • RSS 2.0 (please check the syntax with a Feed validator)
  • WCM 1.0 (a Commission XML format for press release news, use it only if you want to implement some own processing of the news feed information)

Please always keep the webmaster in charge of the website in copy of your requests.

When you send this ticket, you must indicate the periodicity to upload the rss/xml document :

  • 2HOURS (every odd hour)
  • BI_DAILY (everyday at 2:00 and 14:00)
  • DAILY (everyday at 5:00)
  • NIGHTLY (everynight at 3:00)
  • WEEKLY (everyweek on Friday at 1:00)
  • MONTHLY (everymonth the 1st day at 1:00)
  • RAPIDNEWS (everyday at 12:30, 15:00 and 18:30)

We will add you feeds to the configuration file of the CWCM cache.
They won't be added directly to the cache; they will be updated at the new periodicity job occurence.

You can force the reload of a feed in the cache so that you can use it directly.

Information about RAPID syndication:
You can get a XML file from RAPID which contains all articles about your website. You must send an email to RAPID Team in which you indicate keywords to execute a filter on the articles. Then, RAPID team will send you an email with the url of your specific xml file that you must forward us.


Request form for one feed and its available translations









Example of a complete application

Subject: CWCM - Add feeds to the cache


Could you add these feeds to the cache of the CWCM please?

[Result of the form submission]

Thank you.


How to force the reload of a feed in the cache

1. Open the Link Manager:

2. Open a linkgroup and add a Dynamic link:
How to add a dynamic link into a linkgroup

3. Paste the URL of the feed in the Source field

4. Check the box "Reload the feed before (manally only)":
How to force the reload of a feed in the cache

5. Click on the "IMPORT" button

You might get an error if your feed doesn't match the source type (WCM/RSS).
Don't mind that message, your feed will still be updated in the cache.