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CWCM Shortcut Creation

This document describes how you should use the shortcut creation icons.


This facility has been added to WCM (release 2.7.1) in order to allow easy navigation into different subsites and linkgroups by giving the ability to create bookmarks.


Where to find them?

In Web sites/cabinets, icons (  ) can be found at the left of every subsite's title. You can also find them at the left of every linkgroup's ti


Create bookmarks with a right-click

To create bookmarks, you can perform a right-click on any shortcut icon. In the contextual menu, you will find some options:

  • Add to favorites: the subsite will be bookmarked in your browser favorites. Don't forget to rename it correctly.
  • Copy shortcut: the address will be copied in your system clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want.
  • Save target as and Copy does not work.



Create bookmarks with a drag & drop operation

Drag & drop operations are fast and easy to use. For example:

  • In order to quickly create an internet shortcut on your desktop or in some place of your file system, simply drag & drop the icon.
  • If you wish to make a link in a Word document, simply drag & drop the icon in it


Some applications act correctly with the drag & drop, some others does not. As a consequence, try the functionnality with you preferred applications. Depending of the result, you will sometimes have to give a correct name to your bookmark.