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Differences between "regenerate" and "publish"

Regenerate VS Publish

This document describes the differences between the processes of regeneration and publication.

Full regeneration and publication process (png 34 Kb)png (34 Kb)(34 Kb)


Only useful for XML files, since regenerating other files, like images and PDF documents, has no effect.


  • Transform your XML content into an HTM rendition thanks to your XSL or PST template.


  • Once the HTM rendition is ready, the HTM rendition is submitted to the publication process.

If you regenerate an "Active" document, only the "Active" rendition is updated (not the WIP, nor the Staging).


Doesn't transform an XML in HTM (thus not really useful if applied on a XML document but well to update binary files like images or PDF documents).


  • Copy the last rendition to the "Web view" server according to the selected status for a document.

If you publish an "Active" document, only the "Active" rendition is copied (not the WIP, nor the Staging).