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Sending a screenshot by e-mail

Because A picture is worth a thousand words, here's how to take a screenshot.


How to take a screenshot in Windows

  1. Locate the print screen key on your keyboard
    (Prt Scr, Print Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Sc, Prt Scrn, or Prnt Scrn)
  2. Press the print screen key to capture the whole screen /
    Press the print screen key in combination with the alt key to capture the selected window only
  3. Open Paint
    (Start menu / All Programs / Accessories / Paint)
  4. Paste the captured image by choosing menu Edit / Paste
    or via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V
  5. Save the image by choosing menu File / Save As...
    or via the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S
  6. Choose a location for you image and enter a name
  7. Select PNG as the type for your image
    (much lighter than the default BMP format)
  8. Click on the Save button
  9. Send that image by choosing menu File / Send...
  10. Close Paint when you are done