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Copy/move & template reassociation

This document describes the rules which are applied to your XML/XSL associations when you copy/move documents or subsites.



Are the XSL in the parallel structure copied/moved with the XML of the main structure?

  • If you copy/move a subsite then all XSL presentations inside the corresponding node in the parallel structure are copied/moved as well.
  • If you copy/move individual XML documents then the XSL presentations are not copied/moved.

After having copied/moved documents, how does the reassociation of template work?

  • If the template has a standard name (e.g. short_content.xsl), the tree structure is looked up until an XSL presentation with the same name is found.
  • If the template has a specific name (e.g. homepage.xsl) and is located in a parent subsite of both the source and the destination of the copied/moved documents, the association will be kept.
    • In all other cases, the hierarchy is looked up until an XSL presentation with the standard name of the document type (e.g. short_content.xsl) is found.