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Fact sheet for the clean-up of obsolete document versions

This fact sheet describes the automatic and periodic version clean-up operation, how it works and which document versions are considered as being obsolete.


Clean-up of unused WIP versions

Version retention rules

Each time the contents of a document is modified and saved a version is created and stored in the CWCM repository, e.g. you push the "Save" button in the editor.

Some versions of a document will never be promoted or power promoted and only serve as preparation for the final version of the document, which will be power promoted and published.

Once a document is ready and published the draft versions are not useful anymore. Therefore, an automatic clean-up operation will run periodically to remove those work versions.

The clean-up operation will never delete the following versions:

  • a version which you or somebody else explicitly marked with the "KEEP" label. How to mark a version is explained below.
  • the first or 1.0 version of a document
  • the versions with a "WIP", "Staging", "Approved", "Active" or "Expired" version label
  • all versions which have been "Staging", "Approved" or "Active" once
  • if an "Approved" version exists: all versions with a version number higher than the "Approved" version
  • if an "Approved" version exists: the 9 versions with a version number lower than the "Approved" version
  • if no "Approved" version exists, i.e. only 1.X versions exist: all versions

The retention rules are illustrated in the picture. All encircled versions are retained; the other versions will be deleted by the clean-op operation.


How to indicate that a version should never be removed.

How to indicate that a version should never be removed.

To indicate the CWCM system that a specific document version should never be deleted by the clean-up operation, perform the following steps:

  1. List the versions of the document through the menu item "View" and then "Versions"
  2. select the versions that you would like to keep and which have no "KEEP" label yet
  3. push the "Toggle KEEP Version" button. You will see the "KEEP" label appear on the selected versions.

You can use the same "Toggle KEEP Version" button to remove the "KEEP" label afterwards.