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Release notes 3.2

On this page you will find the release notes for the upcoming new and modified functionalities of the CWCM V3.2 system.


New EUROPA standard templates...

... in responsive design

The EUROPA inter-institutional and Commission standard templates have been developed in responsive web design. They are already available for PST and will soon be available in XSL and HTML versions.

In responsive web design (or 'responsive design'), the same website is served to desktop screens, tablets and smartphones but the layout changes and adapts to the screen size. One website fits all. It allows content to be accessed by the widest audience possible no matter what device they are using.

Please note that the template manages the layout of the header, footer and navigation menu. The layout and style sheets of the content parts of the page will also have to be adapted separately by the site's webmaster.

See the IPG mobile guidelines for more information on responsive design.


Improvement : XML feed

XML feed Linkgroup triggers

The periodic dynamic linkgroup update was adapted to launch the triggers associated to a particular source referenced in the XML feed configuration.

The triggers are launched after all sources have been loaded in the dynamic linkgroup and if the linkgroup was modified. A linkgroup is considered as modified, when at least one link was modified, deleted or added.


Pre-process Feed

An XSL can be provided in order to alter a feed. The output of this pre-processing is still a valid RSS or WCM feed. The pre-processing XSL can analyse the URL of the item and generate keywords for the RSS (the “category” element). At the same time the XSL can add source specific keywords. The pre-processing XSL files are stored in the docbase, and will be managed by DIGIT.


Preprocessing xsl transform RSS to WCM

A preprocessing XSL was developped to transform a RSS to a WCM in the feedcache. In the transformed WCM, the id of a given link is the url of the link with a suffix corresponding to its language.


Support the RSS "enclosure" tag in the WCM syndication feed format

It was requested to support the enclosure tag in the wcm syndication format.

This new field can now be imported in a linkgroup as the picture of the link.


feeds not able to be imported because of missing headers

The CWCM was not able to cache Feeds coming from some domains (typically www.eu2011.huand, although these feeds are accessible using a browser.

This problem was due to the fact that the "Host" HTTP Header was missing.

Now a common HTTP user agent is used to identify the CWCM when requesting against external web servers.


Improvement : PST

wcm:calendar - max events not working

The max attribute was not working with the following PST elements:

  • wcm:calendar_documents
  • wcm:calendar_links
  • wcm:calendar_archive_documents
  • wcm:calendar_archive_links

The bug was fixed.


wcm:documents - Add a distinctive CSS class on the current document

The "isCurrent" CSS allows to highlight a link to the current document and can be applied to:

  • to a new "<div>" that will include the link to the current document (eg. "wcm:menu")
  • to a list item "<li>" that contains the link to the current document
  • to the link to the current document itself

wcm:documents - Allow the display of the current document

An option was developped to allow the display of the current document in a search result inside a wcm:document.


wcm:linkgroup - New attribute "order_by" only applied to first level links

The new attribute order_by was added to the PST element "wcm:linkgroup" as it already existed for "wcm:links": now both PST elements can be used in like manner. This parameter is only applied to first level links so that the order of the links at lower levels is kept.


wcm:linkgroup - New attributes "fetch_date" and "fetch_category"

The new article style for the PST element wcm:linkgroup (I517) allows the display of the links at the first level of a linkgroup with the box style and the other links with the list style.

The new attributes fetch_date and fetch_category were added to the PST element wcm:linkgroup. When specified these attributes allow to display the date and/or the requested categories. These attributes are independent of the selected style.


wcm:links - New "style" attribute to support multi-level links

The PST element "wcm:links" "max" attribute limits the results to the first items of a linkgroup, based on the " order_by" attribute and regardless to the structure of the linkgroup. It was requested to offer the possibility to structure the linkgroup in a way that allows the contextualisation of a link. The link at the first level would be the main link, and the other levels would be considered as part of that link. This way, setting the "max" attribute won't get the first links at any level, but only the links at the first level. The other links are considered as part of the "article".

A new style attribute "article" was developped for wcm:links. It can be used to display the "Latest stories" on the homepage of the Newsroom. The links at the first level use the "box" style, and the other sub-links use the "list" style.


Improvement : miscellaneous

Import + FTP : detect BOM character and remove it

Whenever a BOM character is detected in a document, it is removed when the document is imported via the application or via FTP.



Some XML editors installed on computers systematically insert "BOM" characters in the edited XML file. In order to improve the consistency of the CWCM XML DGT configuration files those characters are removed whenever they are encountered.