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Release Notes CWCM v3.0.4

Version 3.0.4 delivers Template-2011, a few new functions and a number of stability improvements


Template 2011

The most important change is the availability of Template 2011.

It offers a new header, new javascript components and the HTML structure of the links has been reviewed completely.

The HTML structure is fully W3C compliant and has been optimized for accessibility and for indexing by search engines.


PST improvements

Template 2011 also comes with a new version of the Page and Site Templates (PST).

We propose three standardized layouts that cover almost all uses. The first has a sidebar on the left, the second has it on the right, and the third has both a left and right sidebar.

We renamed one element to make it easier to use and we added some new styles. The majority of the new styles show the categories and/or date of each item. For linkgroups we added styles that open dynamically to save screenspace.

  • element group_category was renamed to group_documents

  • new styles for the documents element:
    • box-category
    • box-date
    • box-date-category
  • new styles for the links element:
    • box-category
    • box-date-category
    • list-category
    • list-date-category
  • new styles for the linkgroup element:
    • dropdown
    • flyout

You can preview these new styles in the PST section of the CWCM Portal.


Other improvements

The other improvements that have been made are listed below.


Linkgroup improvements

Convert to large linkgroup

You can convert an existing link group to a large linkgroup.

Large linkgroups provide performance benefits and allow multiple dynamic link sources; they are especially good for flat lists like news and events.

Increased size of URLs in the link manager

The maximum size of the URL of external links has been increased to allow longer URLs.

The maximum value is now 1024 bytes; if you use only ASCII characters this means you can store 1024 characters.


  • The helpdesk will be added as administrator on new linkgroups by default. You can remove them yourself of course.

  • WCM Feeds created by the CWCM can be used as a source for dynamic links


XSL/PST improvements

  • Support for URLs for the videos of the AV portal in the media gallery

  • Support for .F4V format in the media gallery



Folder to subsite conversion

You can convert a folder to a subsite or viceversa when it contains Active content.

Before you would have had to depublish its content first.


Important bug fixes

The most important bug fixes are described below.



Documents with a <custom> element can be edited

A bug in the editor prohibited using the editor for documents that extend the standard XML structure within the optional <custom> element.


Translation relations

Underscores could cause a problem

When you would have two files with names that only differ an underscore character the system could by mistake think they were translations. For example "example-doc_en.xml" and "example_doc_en.xml" might have been registered as being translations.

New documents that are created will not have this problem anymore.