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Mandatory requirementPages and documents on EUROPA must not require the use of a "non-standard" plug-in.


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The Internet is not made of HTML and graphics alone. However, Web browsers by themselves don’t always know what to do with the different file formats. It is for this reason that plug-ins are necessary.



Plug-ins are programs that add a specific feature or service to a larger system. For example, there are a number of plug-ins for browsers, each of which is designed to display a particular kind of file type. These plug-ins increase the number of file formats that may be processed by the browser. The browser can prompt users to save the file to their hard drive or use a plug-in to display or execute the file within the browser window/environment.

Plug-ins extends the capabilities of most browsers by adding functionality. They therefore enrich web pages, but the number of plug-ins available for different browsers in different versions is enormous. Amongst these, there are a few which can be considered "standard", i.e. the target user browser configuration is likely to have them installed, and they may be used, but any function which requires a plug-in which is not in this list must not be implemented on EUROPA.

Standard plug-in supported functions:

  • access and display of PDF format files
  • playing MIDI, MP3 or RealAudio format sound files
  • playing WMV, MPEG4, QuickTime, FLV or RealVideo files
  • playing Flash animation files.

Use on EUROPA websites

  • Pages and documents on EUROPA must not require the use of a "non-standard" plug-in.
  • Files published on EUROPA needing a plug-in should be fully functional with the market version of the specific plug-in and -1 version, i.e. Flash player current market version 11, compatible file format with version 9, 10 and 11.
  • An alternative solution to access content must be provided for those internet users not having the plug-in installed or having accessibility problems: provide a link to download the plugin, a HTML version of a flash file, the transcription of a video.

The EUROPA video player plug-in can be used on EUROPA.