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EUROPA video player

EUROPA provides a corporate video player managed by the Audiovisual Services (DG COMM/A4) on the Audiovisual Portal.



The EUROPA video player provides an easy and flexible way to integrate video files on webpages. This is a central tool, you do not have to install the files on your website to use it.

The EUROPA video player is based on HTML5 and keeps a Flash component to serve some social media platforms (mainly Facebook) which don’t accept third party players.

Currently audio-visual content is delivered in HTTP. The support of HTTPS in the near future is under review.

The corporate video player reaches the viewers on every device, and works identically on the web, mobile web, but also in apps, with a tested and approved user interface, no matter the device.

The streaming format used is HLS and progressive MP4.


Main features

  • Multi-browsers: IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera
  • Multiple audio tracks
  • Subtitling feature (SRT and VTT format)
  • PIWIK integration (Q4/2017)
  • Virtual reality and 360° video
  • MPEG-DASH support


Centrally stored videos

To have your videos published on the Audiovisual Portal and played by the corporate player, you have to follow the central deposit procedure.


Locally stored videos

Locally stored videos can also be supported by registering them in the corporate video registry at


EU cookie law

This service doesn't require cookies.


Guidelines and references




No training available. Please check the online tutorial mentioned in the previous section for more information.


Technical contact

For any questions not covered on this page or in the online tutorial, please contact