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Document formats

Mandatory requirement Content on EUROPA websites must always be provided in html or pdf format. 


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Only certain document formats may be used on EUROPA, because many formats are platform-specific and so may not be accessible to all users.


Content must always be provided in one of the following formats:

Other formats may only be used in exceptional circumstances:

  • Pure text files (.txt) files, where information is not available in a richer format
  • In case revisable files are put available for download, other formats can also be used, (always ensure files are virus free) but in all cases the standard format (pdf or html) must also be provided. In that case, we recommend to offer both the most popular format (MS Office) and the Open Document Format (ODF).  The type of format offered must be indicated by means of the corresponding icon (see Documents icons). Please be aware of the dangers inherent in using proprietary formatsRestricted area: This link points to internal pages and may not work if you are browsing as an external user. - they require proprietary software, may pose compatibility problems or may contain hidden information.