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Screen readers

A screen reader (reader of screen for defective visual) is a software which tries to identify and to interpret what is posted on a screen, then the text is retranscribed, either in a text braille, or in a sound text (by voice synthesis). It is an element of TTS (Text To Speech) software category.


People who can not see the screen, or have difficulty reading, but can hear, are able to use computers with this kind of assistive technology that produces speech (or Braille, which is read with the fingertips). Screen readers typically have numerous options, so that the user experience of a given web page will be different for each person.

Some of the most widely used screen readers available at the date are:

  • Windows: JAWS, Window Eyes, NVDA
  • Mac: VoiceOver
  • Linux: GNome-Orca
  • Mobile: Talks (Symbian); Mobile Speak Pocket (Windows mobile); Voiceover (iPhone 3GS); Orator (Blackberry RIM)