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EUROPA Analytics

One characteristics of the Internet is its ability to give immediate results about its audience and the possibility to understand usage, interests and behaviour of visitors in nearly real-time. The importance of using such intelligence to increase audience and provide better information to users is clear.


Here some of the typical questions that web analytics can answer:

  • Is your website performing as expected?
  • Where do your visitors come from?
  • What other websites or search engines are referring visitors to your site?
  • What keywords or phrases are visitors using to find your site?
  • Which web pages interest your visitors most? Which less?

EUROPA Analytics is a corporate customized solution developed around the specialized package SAS Web Analytics 5.3.3 hosted in DIGIT Data Centre in Luxembourg.



A report is the quickest way to access measure of website activity.

EUROPA Analytics provides access to web indicators in two ways:

  • Via the simplifed interface providing standard reports, easily accessible and open to all EC users.
  • Via the Reporting tool, available to webmasters and analysts and restricted access. The service allows users both full customization of reports and access to standard template reports. Please check the Reporting tool page for more information and request for access. Reports list figures and graphics about main web analytics' metrics such as visits, page views, referrers, bounce rates, together with information about most used browsers and operating systems, trends and forecasts.
  • Access the performance page of the Europa website.

New websites and revision of the configuration of existing URL(s)

In order for the EUROPA Analytics system to gather such information, DG COMM must be informed prior to the launching of a new website whenever main changes to the website structure are made. This is needed as the EUROPA Analytics system need to be configured first in order to correctly process your data. There is no possibility to process data backwards if sites/URLs have not been correctly declared.

On activation of a new website, the EUROPA Analytics team will contact you in order to have the necessary information for the correct configuration of your sites (new webmarts/sections, etc).

If modifications to the existing configuration have to be implemented (following major changes or new needs), they must be communicated to the EUROPA Analytics team via an email sent to COMM EUROPA MANAGEMENT with the following information:

Subject: Revision of EUROPA Analytics configuration


  1. Indicate webmart(s)/section(s) to be reviewed or main sites/subsites' URLs affected.
  2. Any details or specific needs you may have.

EUROPA Analytics team will contact you to set up the best possible configuration.