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Search on your site

The IDOL search engine interface allows you to restrict searches on EUROPA within a specific site, this way you can offer the visitors of your site a customized interface that will restrict the results of their query within the scope of your site.


How to create a customised interface to the EUROPA Search engine

Find here two examples explaining how you can create such a customized interface (see following documentationpdf(284 kB):

  • A search box allows the entry of a query string and calls the search engine. This search box can be integrated as part of an existing web page of your site, the most obvious place being the home page. 
  • A dedicated search page, offers the possibility to: 
    • generate a more complex query with the functionalities available under the button
      screenshot with the search button
    • the possibility to refine your results by using the filter pane available on the bottom-left of the page.

      search filter