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The 'new' Europa Search in production from 9 September 2013 is based on Autonomy (IDOL) Server technology from HP and replaces the 'old' search based on Verity 2K. The 'old' Europa search will be phased out on 31.01.2014.

Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) can integrate unstructured, semi-structured, and structured information from multiple repositories through an understanding of the content. It delivers a real time environment to automate operations across applications and content, removing most of the manual processes involved in getting the relevant information to the right people at the right time.


For a limited period of time, visitors can still use the 'old' search tool within Europa websites. This is because a compatibility module has been implemented to handle “old” basic search requests in order to make migration from Verity to IDOL effortless. With a view to adapt your website to a customized interface within the new search engine, please contact COMM EUROPA MANAGEMENT in order to prepare the migration.


The IDOL platform also provides additional search features such as, conceptual search, clustering, query saving and auto running (via user registration). Once indexed, documents can be retrieved through various means, from full text search to classification tree. Some of these advanced features will appear in future releases of the new search application and will require content adaptation by webmasters to maximize its capabilities.

For further information, please refer to the webmaster documentation where the procedure “How to create a customized interface to the Europa Search Engine” is explained and for any other questions please contact COMM EUROPA MANAGEMENT.

IDOL is able to index and classify static documents accessible on websites in various formats (mainly Web, PDF and Office documents such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

IDOL proposes various customization mechanisms (to be discussed with webmasters and IT teams) which allow to correctly index dynamic pages generated by web applications based on the DIGIT product catalogue.



Search Visual identity

The search engine respects the latest visual identity of the Commission as well as the inter-institutional template for EUROPA.

For European Commission sites under the EC.EUROPA domain:

Search for European Commission domain

For Inter-institutional sites under the EUROPA domain:

Search for europa domain


Version in use on EUROPA

The EUROPA search is based on Autonomy’s IDOL 7 search engine.