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URL Shortener

The URL Shortener allows webmasters to create a short version of a EUROPA-related URL, using a random code.



The URL shortner is a central service to shorten an existing EUROPA web address. This service permits to considerably shorten the web address and still be able to use it in order to reach the precise requested location. This technique is convenient for social media context and especially services like Twitter, which set a limit of characters on the published message. Thus shortened URL gives possibility to also refer to particularly long web addresses.

The URL shortener is open for EUROPA webmasters from all institutions dealing with web pages under, cc.cec, and any of their subdomains, via ECAS authentication.

If you on the other hand are looking for a short meaningful URL for promotional reasons that redirects to a long URL, please follow instructions on promotional URLs and submit a request to COMM EUROPA MANAGEMENT.



The target url has been shortened as!Rx83CV






How to request this service

Free to use. You do not need to fill in a request form. Please have a look at the documentation above.




No training available. Please check the documentation above for more information.