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On-line questionnaires enable you to gather the opinions of the public on any issue.


Description of EUSurvey

EUSurvey is a online application used to create and conduct multilingual surveys and public consultations. It covers all steps in a survey life cycle, from the design and launch of the survey to the analysis and publication of results.

Within the Commission, EUSurvey is mainly used to conduct official surveys of public interest and to create forms for internal communication and staff management like evaluation forms, satisfaction surveys and registration forms.

EUSurvey makes it possible to deal with the large amount of data exchanged during consultations and the linguistic diversity of the European Union. Public consultations should follow the standard template for consultations and be published on the site Your voice in Europe.

For further details, please consult Your Voice In Europe.


Main features


The user interface will be available in 23 languages; the form can be published in any of the 136 languages covered by ISO 639-1, from Abkhaz to Zulu.


Customisable forms:

In the easy-to-use editor a variety of question types can be selected – from simple text and multiple-choice to spreadsheet questions or multimedia survey elements.


Secure surveys:

Participant privacy can be respected by creating anonymous forms.


Analysing and publishing results:

The application provides basic result analysis capabilities and visualisation of data in histograms and chart views. Survey results can be exported to standard spreadsheet formats in order to import them into statistical applications. It offers the publication of all submitted answers (or a sub-set) on a dedicated webpage within the application.


Sending out invitations directly from the application:

Selected contacts can be managed in the 'Address Book' and used to send out individual emails to every single contact containing individual access links.


Customise the look and feel:

With the built-in CSS style editor and embedded rich-text editors for all visible elements, full control over the form's layout is possible. A large list of survey themes makes it easy to adapt the form to a project's identity. You can choose between single-page and multi-page surveys.


Scheduled publishing:

Publish and unpublish a survey automatically at a specified point in time.


Working together:

With EUSurvey, advanced permissions for other users can be defined to test a survey or to analyse the results.


Uploading supporting files:

Supporting files made available can be downloaded by every participant in the survey.



Here is an EUSurvey questionnaire with different types of questions:


Software used

Basic technologies:

  • Spring MVC 3 / Hibernate+JPA
  • JQuery / JQuery UI / Bootstrap
  • Apache POI
  • Java, Javascript

Service provided by the European Commission:


How to access this service

EUSurvey is available at:

The application is available for European Commission and Institution users as well as for any public or private organisation or administration. EUSurvey is secured by ECAS, the European Commission's Authentication Service.

For any support request, please send an e-mail to your local service desk and ask to open a call for DIGIT EUSURVEY SUPPORT. Please provide as much information as possible, as well as your Survey's title or ID, if your request is related to a specific survey.

Users from outside the European Commission should send an e-mail to



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