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Social bookmarking and networking

The Social bookmarking and networking allows users to share web pages' contents. Contents are shared using social networks or e-mails.



The Social bookmarking and networking tool helps website publishers spread their content across the web, by making it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content to their favorite social destinations. This service is:

  • Multilingual
  • Can display the number of times an item has been shared (optional)
  • Can be integrated on any HTML web page (JavaScript)

This is a central service; you do not have to install the files on your website to use it. The required files to run this service are hosted on both domains and under the same directory structure.


New features

06-02-2014: 2 new networks and extra configurability sharing with Twitter

  • The first set of sharing options now include Pocket and Yammer. These networks are also available as individual buttons.
  • 'via @EU_Commission' is still appended by default to the Tweet for pages in the domain but is now customizable.

22-01-2014: Sharing via Twitter automatically uses the corporate URL shortener.

  • The URL is dynamically shortened by the corporate service.
  • The title is cropped at 90 characters. The maximum length is configurable.
  • 'via @EU_Commission' is appended to the Tweet for pages in the domain.

Main features

Generate higher share activity with individual and more conspicuous share buttons.

Individual share buttons

  • Choose from the most commonly used networks.
  • 3 specifiable icon sizes.
  • Specify your own order of buttons.
  • Choose the text accompanying the buttons. Available in 24 languages.
  • No cookies!

Standard feature: share with email or social network (facebook, twitter, etc.) or bookmark to your favorites

Share with email, social network or bookmark to your favorites



Statistics for webmasters

Statistics for webmasters




EC Europa

Default style. Counter is not displayed.


DG Research

A counter is displayed and indicates the number of times an item has been shared.



Software used

Software used :

  • PHP, HTML and JavaScript.



EU cookie law

This service does not generate or use cookies.


How to request this service

Free to use. You do not need to fill in a request form. Please have a look at the documentation/examples just above.



No training available. Please check the documentation/example above for more information.