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Rating System

A rating system is a tool that allows you to rate web pages contents. Popularly, it's a five stars rating system.



Rating System is a central tool to create and manage five stars rating systems. These rating systems can be put on any web pages to insert a rating bar or/and the most rated articles.


Main features

Insert a rating bar

Insert a rating bar



Display the most rated articles

Display the most rated articles



Software used

Software used :

  • PHP, HTML and JavaScript.



EU cookie law

This service requires cookies.

Cookies generated by this service are:

  • “frs_votes” – a persistent first-party cookie used to remember the rate attributed by the user. It expires after 1 year.

As the service generates persistent cookies, it is compatible and compliant with the Cookie Consent Kit. Consequently, if the page embedding the service also implements the Cookie Consent Kit, no further customization of the service is required:

  • service won't be displayed if cookies have been refused or no consent has been received by user
  • service will be displayed if cookies have been accepted by user

If the page embedding the service does not implement the Cookie Consent Kit, it will be displayed and will generate consent-requiring cookies.




How to request this service

If you are interested in running the service, please fill in the request formdoc(67 kB)Restricted area: This link points to internal pages and may not work if you are browsing as an external user. and send it to COMM EUROPA MANAGEMENT.



No training available. Please check the documentation/example above for more information.