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Like / Dislike

The Like / Dislike buttons allow users to indicate if they like the content or not.



The Like / Dislike buttons help website publishers to quickly gather feedback by making it easy for visitors to give their opinion using Like / Dislike buttons. It also helps website publishers to adopt a common and popular practice on social networks websites. This service is:

  • Multilingual
  • Can display the number of times an item has been liked and disliked by visitors
  • Can be integrated on any HTML web page (JavaScript)

This is a central service; you do not have to install the files on your website to use it.

The required files to run this service are hosted in folder /wel/like/ of following domains:


Main features

Like / Dislike an item

like dislike 


Display most liked / disliked content

  png (5 kB)


Wizard for webmasters

 Like dislake wizard


Statistics for webmasters

 Like dislike statistics



Default style. Like and Dislike buttons are displayed, with text labels.

like dislike not voted

Only Like button is displayed. No text label in the button.

like only voted


Software used

Software used :

  • PHP, HTML and JavaScript.



EU cookie law

This service requires cookies.

Cookies generated by this service are:

  • “likedislike” – a persistent first-party cookie used to remember the "Like"/"Dislike" vote made by the user. It expires after 1 year.

As the service generates persistent cookies, it is compatible and compliant with the Cookie Consent Kit. Consequently, if the page embedding the service also implements the Cookie Consent Kit, no further customization of the service is required:

  • service won't be displayed if cookies have been refused or no consent has been received by user
  • service will be displayed if cookies have been accepted by user

If the page embedding the service does not implement the Cookie Consent Kit, it will be displayed and will generate consent-requiring cookies.




How to request this service

Free to use. You do not need to fill in a request form. Please have a look at the documentation/examples just above.



No training available. Please check the documentation/example above for more information.