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There are many off-the-shelf interactive services available to integrate in a EUROPA website.


The Services delivered in the Flexible Platform for Internet Services (FPFIS) have the following characteristics:

  • They are widely used on the internet.
  • They are centrally managed
  • They are non critical.
  • They are stand-alone services not requiring integration with information services (back offices) hosted by the Commission's services.

The following services are available currently:

Service nameHow to obtainAvailable to other
institutions in the (sub)domain
BlogsRequest for service 
ChartsSelf service
ChatRequest for service 
Cookie Consent KitSelf service
Corporate CAPTCHASelf service
Evoting pollsRequest for service 
Feedback FormRequest for service 
ForumsRequest for service 
Like/Dislike buttonSelf service
MailmasRequest for service 
Rating SystemRequest for service 
ReadSpeakerSelf service
Road mapsSelf service
RSS - SyndicationSelf service 
Simple mapsSelf service
Social bookmarking and networkingSelf service
Surveys/ConsultationsRequest for service 
Twitter feedsSelf service
URL ShortenerSelf service 
Video playerSelf service

Please note that the Commission is unable to provide inter-institutional support for these tools and services because of resource constraints. We recommend that a web developer with a good technical knowledge implements them and refers to the online documentation.