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There are many off-the-shelf interactive services available to integrate in a EUROPA website.


The Services delivered in the Flexible Platform for Internet Services (FPFIS) have the following characteristics:

  • They are widely used on the internet.
  • They are centrally managed
  • They are non critical.
  • They are stand-alone services not requiring integration with information services (back offices) hosted by the Commission's services.

The following services are available currently:

ServiceAvailable to other institutionsin the (sub)domainHow to request


Edit, organize, and publish blogs to give people the opportunity to express their views to a mass audience

How to request for Blogs


Collection of chart types (line, area, bar, column, pie, donut, combination) that render data-driven & animated charts in a web page

(tick)Free to use / Self-service


This section will explain the sequence of events concerning both the preparation and the conduct of a Chat.

Ho to request for Chatpdf(260 kB)

Confluence Wikis

Create a wiki and enable people to easily read, publish, edit, link and share all kinds of content (text, media, charts, Office files)

(tick)How to request for Confluence Wikis

Cookie Consent Kit

Add a banner to your pages requesting the user to accept or refuse cookies on your site

(tick)Free to use / Self-service

Corporate Captcha

Use this security mechanism to determine whether the user is human in the work flow of a user identification procedure

(tick)Free to use / Self-service

Evoting Polls

Allow webmasters the rapid creation and management of multilingual polls

How to request for Evoting Polls

Feedback Form

Build your own form to gather users feedback and manage their submissions

How to request for Feedback Forms


Allow users to share, to view, and to download pictures. Pictures are grouped by theme, categories, etc.

How to request for Galleries


Get the coordinates ('geocode') of an address. Can be integrated into any website

(tick)Free to use / Self-service

Greetings Cards

Use digital media instead of paper to create and send greetings cards

Free to use / Self-service


IP2Country is a REST service to provide the country name and country code based on an IP address. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

(tick)How to request for IP2Country


Embed a large range of interactive maps in your webpages, thanks to this mobile-friendly service

(tick)Free to use / Self-service


Allow users to collaboratively create, edit, link, and organize the content of a website, usually for reference material

How to request for MediaWiki

Road maps

Road maps lets you embed interactive maps in your website. You can customize maps by displaying data in overlays. You can create your own overlays.

Free to use / Self-service

RSS Syndication

Use this service to retrieve information from an external source and create your own RSS feeds

Free to use / Self-service

Social bookmarking and networking

Help website publishers to spread their content across the web, by making it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content to their favourite social destinations

(tick)Free to use / Self-service

Social Media Directory

Allow webmasters to embed specific lists of social media networks into their pages

(tick)How to request for Social Media Directory

Social Media Kit

Allow webmasters to embed cookie-free feeds from social media networks into their pages

(tick)Free to use / Self-service


On-line questionnaires enable you to gather the opinions of the public on any issue.

How to request for Surveys / Consultations

URL Shortener

Shorten any existing EUROPA web address thanks to this central service

(tick)Free to use / Self-service

Virtual Browsers

Benefit from this test environment to check the rendering of websites on different OS and web browsers

(tick)Free to use / Self-service

Please note that the Commission is unable to provide inter-institutional support for these tools and services because of resource constraints. We recommend that a web developer with a good technical knowledge implements them and refers to the online documentation.