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This section will explain the sequence of events concerning both the preparation and the conduct of a Chat. There are 3 distinct phases, each involving specific actions:


Before the Chat

1. Once the DG has decided to organise a Chat, the following details must be decided:

  • the date of the Chat
  • the subject of the Chat
  • the main language of the Chat
  • the people that will be involved

The existing Plan/Checklist needs to be adapted to the requirements of each Chat. This Plan lists detailed actions and tasks (to be customised to the needs of every Chat) indicating deadlines and appointing the people/parties responsible for each task.


2. Announcing the Chat involves 4 separate steps:

  • drafting the announcement (DG)
  • translating the announcement into the other official languages (DG)
  • publishing the announcement on the web streaming portal
  • setting up a mailbox for questions sent by email prior to the Chat (DG)
    The model of the Mailbox to be used is "chat-<commissioner_name>"

3. Promotion

The Chat is promoted via several means: online promotion via the online press & media, the representations, the delegations and on the (ec.) website. This is the joint responsibility of DG organising the Chat and DG COMM. The Chat can only be promoted once the Chat announcement has been published on (ec.) Statistics on consultation of the Chat announcement are generated by DIGIT, in order to provide an indication of the level of interest in the forthcoming event.


4. Briefings

In order to be sure that all parties involved understand their roles and responsibilities, a briefing for the Commissioner's Team can be scheduled (provisionally) to explain in detail how the Chat will be conductedppt(979 kB) . A second briefing will be given by SCIC just before the Chat, covering the practical details.


During the Chat

1. Handling the questions: the tasks involved in replying to the questions are split between different teams and people.

  • the Commissioner's Team answers the questions
  • the Political Moderator distributes the questions between the Commissioner and the Experts
  • the Online Moderator moderates the Chat session in progress
  • the Interpreters translate the questions and answers
  • the Typists transcribe questions and answers
  • the Technical support deals with problems as they arise

2. Mailbox

A Mailbox is set up by the DG before every Chat so that people can send their questions in advance. The Mailbox questions are inserted into the session by the Mailbox Manager, with the authorisation of the Online Moderator. They are answered by the Commissioner and the Experts during the Chat. The Mailbox Manager must also monitor all language channels.


After the Chat

1. Transcripts

  • Complete versions of the entire transcripts of the different channels of the Chat are published by DG COMM on the (ec.) web site the day after the Chat
  • The transcripts of the different channels of the Chat grouping the questions with their answers for easy reading are prepared by the DG and are published on (ec.) 1-2 weeks after the Chat.

2. Individual responses

Replies to Mailbox questions, that were not answered during the Chat session, are given by the DG after the Chat and sent by email directly to the person that posted the question.


3. Post-Chat report

DIGIT produces a report after the Chat providing statistics concerning participation in the Chat (including the number of participants, number of questions received, breakdown by language channel, etc.).

Full chat procedurepdf(260 kB)


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