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Europa Hub

The EUROPA Hub ( is the base application that groups tools developed by DG COMM A5 for internal users of the European Commission and it is based on open source technology Drupal 7 FPFIS Multisite.


EUROPA Hub tools


Expert Review Tool, to help webmasters in the EU institutions review and improve the websites they control, the Digital Transformation Team has developed a usability review tool. It identifies usability problems associated with the design or user interface of a website and prioritises the main aspects that need to be fixed, and does not require any prior knowledge of usability testing.

Web Directory, an upgrade of the Europa inventory that maintains high level data of the websites managed by the European Commission.

Social Media Directory, the inter-institutional social media directory is a repository of social media accounts maintained by communication officers and social media managers across the institutions.

Corporate video player, the corporate video player registers the videos that are playable by the corporate AV player but are, for any reason, not stored in BELUGA.

URL Shortener, the URL Shortener allows webmasters to create a short version of a EUROPA-related URL, using a random code.