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Quality assurance in Maintenance phase

The objective of the QA activities during the maintenance phase is to ensure that a continuous process of evaluation and improvement is being followed.

The decisions made as to the content, form and frequency of feedback to be gathered from users of the site, and how this information is to be used to modify or update the site are implemented during the maintenance phase. For some sites, there will be a natural schedule for updating, improvement or extension of the site, such as sites which are concerned with specific external events, or for which the content is particularly short lifetime of validity.


Specific Activities

The main activities cover the systematic monitoring and evaluation of defined quality indicators (such as the results of different means of feedback to measure site effectiveness, etc.). Special emphasis is placed on the cyclic and periodic, regular nature of the process of improvements.

There are two types of QA processes involved in the maintenance phase:

  • Those directly related to the feedback and review process, and
  • other QA processes which may be triggered by decisions to change or update the web site. These can include any of the QA activities that take place in the other phases of site implementation, depending on the scope of the changes or updates to be made