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Quality assurance workflow

This section provides a walkthrough of the process of site implementation with a stress of different quality checkpoints that should be considered to assure that the site is compliant to standards.

Details concerning the quality-related aspects of these top-level steps can be found in the respective activity descriptions. A separate activity sheet is defined for each of these quality-related steps which will be referenced by the appropriate related project activity.


For each project phase, the principal focus of the QA activities is described.

1) Definition phase

During this phase the quality objectives are defined in terms of the specific sites characteristics; standard QA activities which are applicable to all projects are applied here; the purpose is to ensure the proper setup of the project and proper identification of the specific quality objectives for the site. These objectives can guide later QA, QC and testing activities

  • Project description (communicated and approved by all stakeholders)
  • PQP (quality procedures identified and described, change control procedure

2) Content Phase

  • Content validation (correctness against content plan, information quality, proofreading)
  • Translations quality (proofreading, compare with original text)

3)  Design Phase

  • Model (check against presentation standards)

4) Development Phase

  • Template (HTML validation, WAI, CSS, etc.)
  • Prototype (verification against concept, functional specifications, etc.)
  • Testing – procedures, sample test plans

5) Publication Phase

  • Overall site control before integration (validation against EUROPA integration checklist)
  • Visibility of the site (Integration of the site into site, promotion campaign)

6) Maintenance Phase

  • Process of monitoring, evaluation of indicators
  • Continuous improvement (systematic monitoring and evaluation of indicators and methodology available; PDCA cycle):

a. PLAN : establish the objectives and processes necessary
b. DO – implement the processes
c. CHECK – monitor and evaluate
d. ACT – apply actions for necessary improvements