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Testing is a type of formal validation in which specific results are sought and the actual results obtained are recorded. The purpose is to identify shortcomings, errors or other non-compliance, and hence any necessary corrective actions.

For quality control to be effective, you must test the same things the same way every time you test. This is best achieved via production of a test plan. The test plan is a description of the specific areas (functionality elements, etc.) to be tested, the specific tests to be run (and the results expected in each case), how frequently you will test them, and where in the development or publication process you will test them.



Following is a list of some of the different types of tests that may need to be performed:

  1. accessibility testing measures how well the site supports different platforms and browsers, and how easy the site is to navigate and understand by users with different interactivity impairments, such as blind users (using screen readers) or mobility impaired users (using keyboards commands);
  2. browser compatibility testing, cross-platform and browser; if browsers are being able to handle the site/page functionality;
  3. usability testing measures the site’s interface for ease and intuitiveness of navigation;
  4. integration testing, testing if new elements (adding a new function to a set of existing functions) function properly once integrated with the existing elements;
  5. regression testing, which is related to integration testing, in which previously functioning elements are retested after the integration of new elements to verify that this integration has no negative side effects on other functionality
  6. performance testing; testing the server efficiency (download speed, machine resource usage, server request handling, etc.);
  7. security testing to audit the site and web server configuration; verifies that proper access controls are in place and that the integrity of the site’s content is protected
  8. validation testing; testing adherence to the HTML DTD (document type definition).