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Quality assurance and quality control tools and services

The efficient execution of quality control activities can be greatly enhanced by application or use of the appropriate tools.

The webmasters toolbox provides several tools to check the quality of your pages.


The following are recommended:

HTML validation - to check the correctness of the document against declared DOCTYPE

CSS validation – checking the validity of external style sheets called by your document.

Validating Accessibility - measuring how easy the site is to navigate and understand by users with different interactivity impairments, such as blind users (using screen readers) or mobility impaired users (using only keyboard commands)

Cross-browsers compatibility tools – measuring how well the site supports different browser applications and different operating systems.

Links validating – verification of links integrity

JavaScript - check the quality of the code

Website performance - check how long it takes to download a page

Multiple validators - checking HTML, CSS, accessibility, spell checker, broken links, screenshots, SEO, social services, etc.