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Functional sites of the Directorates-General

A DG site provides information on the mission of a Directorate General and on its internal organisation.



Each Directorate-General provides the following information on its functional site:

  • the DG's mission
  • organisation chart (a simple link to "EU Whoiswho", the official directory of the European Union - instead of including the chart - avoids duplication and the risk of differences in updating)
  • link to their Commissioner's site
  • link to the "Policy" site or sites which wholly or partly come under the DG's responsibilities



Recommended technology

DG sites should be constructed and maintained using the Commission's Corporate Web Content Management System.



A DG site should attach particular importance to the following criteria:

  • The information given must be very factual and minimalistic: only some minimum content regarding the mission, organisation chart, the relevant Commissioner and link(s)to relevant  thematic site(s) should be present.
  • For a detailed organisation chart, the site should link to the Commission Directory.