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Programme site

Site offering direct services to users in the context of a programme managed by the Commission



A "Programme" site is created to support a particular programme managed by the Commission. It offers information about the programme and provides services to participants of the programme. Programme sites may consist of a closed and an open part: the closed part being only accessible to a closed group of registered users, the open part offering information to everybody.



Programme siteMarie Curie Actions



  • Main URL of the site giving access to the public information<programme>/index_xx.htm, redirecting to<policy>/.../<programme>/index_xx.htm

  • URL of the closed part

The closed part, for technical and/or security reasons, should use an URL in the 'webgate' domain<programme>/index_xx.htm


Recommended Technology

"Programme" sites should be constructed and maintained using the Commission's Corporate Web Content Management System. In order to offer the interactive services needed to support the programme, parts of the site may use other technology (JSP, Drupal ...).



A "Programme" site should attach particular importance to the following criteria:

  • The site should focus only on the programme itself and must refer to the relevant policy site for background information.
  • The number of languages in which a programme site is offered will depend mainly on the audience targeted. Programmes targeting a very specialised audience (e.g. research programs) may have been limited in terms of multilingualism. Programmes targeting a very wide audience should be available in all official languages or as many of the official languages as possible; if not, the reason(s) why should be clearly explained somewhere in the site.
  • The purpose and the target audience(s)  of the site have to be specified on the home page or on a page at the highest/entry level of the site.
  • Whenever links are made to the closed part of the site, the user must be warned that he will enter a restricted area of the site and he must be informed about the conditions required to apply to the group of users that can have access to it.
  • The closed part of the site must implement the necessary security measure for protecting the restricted area in the most appropriate way.