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Priority site

Site dealing with a subject that has a high priority within the EU context



A "Priority" site deals with a subject that was given high priority in the yearly work program on inter-institutional or Commission level or that is getting much attention in the public sphere, possibly for a limited period (a "hot topic"). 

If the subject is formally recognised as having high priority, it is justified to dedicate a complete separate site to it. If the subject is no longer a priority, the site may disappear and be archived or integrated within a policy site.

If the subject is not formally identified as having high priority, but still important enough to get special treatment, no separate site should be created. Instead, one should create a section in the relevant policy site that is completely integrated in it. In that case a short URL-alias can be allocated to give the priority site a specific name.

The purpose of the site should be clearly specified.



Priority site:



The URL will depend on the level of priority. If the priority is formally recognised as having high priority, it is justified to dedicate a complete separate site to it, that has an URL on its own. If it concerns an important topic that has not formally high priority, the site should be integrated in the relevant policy site. For the purpose of promotion and visibility, it may then have a short alias, redirecting to the real address of the site:

  • priority at EU level:<priority>
  • priority at Commission level:<priority>
  •  important topic:<priority redirecting to<policy>/…/<priority> 

Recommended technology

"Priority" sites should be constructed and maintained using the Commission's Corporate Web Content Management System.



A "Priority" site should attach particular importance to the same criteria as a "Policy" site.