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Audience site

Portal offering specific services to a particular audience and providing the gateway to all relevant sites within EUROPA that are of interest for this audience



An "Audience" site is targeted on a particular section of the public to offer direct access to selected information of specific interest to this audience (e.g. senior citizens, the scientific community, the media). Users should be able to find the information they are looking for without having to be familiar with the internal organisational complexities of the Commission.  



Audience site: Researches in Motion



Depending on the audience addressed, the site should be hosted in the EUROPA or the Commission domain:

  •<audience>/index_xx.htm or



Recommended Technology

The core of an "Audience" site should be constructed and maintained using the Commission's Corporate Web Content Management System. In order to offer the interactive services needed, parts of the site may use other technology (JSP, Drupal ...)


Specific Criteria

An "Audience" site should attach particular importance to the following criteria:

  • An "Audience" site should behave as a portal, offering all relevant services to the audience concerned and providing a gateway to all relevant sites within EUROPA that can interest the audience.
  • The number of languages in which an "Audience" site is offered will depend mainly on the audience targeted. If a very specialised audience is targeted the site could be limited in terms of multilingualism. However, sites targeting a very wide audience should be available in all official languages or as many of the official languages as possible; if not, the reason(s) why should be clearly explained somewhere in the site.
  • It must be very clear on the home page which audience is targeted.
  • The graphical presentation of the site and the language used must be adapted to the audience targeted.