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Quick fixes for better browsing

Even if your current website is in 'desktop' format only, it is still accessible on mobile devices. Happily, there are a number of things you can do to improve visitors' browsing experience without having to develop a responsive design website or app.


How to improve browsing experience on your desktop website

  • Give priority to the site's top tasks. See the Digital Transformation section for a description of the Top Tasks process.
  • Reduce and simplify content.
  • Apply the Writing for the Web techniques: the 'bite, snack, meal' structure, short paragraphs, concise texts and meaningful headings.
  • Avoid using Flash, especially to show content that is not available anywhere else on your site. Flash is not supported by most mobile web browsers.
  • Avoid using rollover or mouseover effects to display content, because these techniques are not available on touchscreen devices.
  • Indicate PDF and video links clearly (including file size), so that visitors realise before clicking that they will be downloading or streaming content.
  • Make sure any images you upload are optimised for the web. For example, large images are slow to download and might deplete your visitor's mobile data allowance.