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Go-ahead decision


The purpose of this phase is to lay the groundwork for the launch and execution of a project. The steps involve gathering all the relevant information needed in order to make an informed and sound go ahead decision to launch the project.



This section describes all the different pieces of relevant information that should be gathered that are needed in order to make the go-ahead (or don’t go-ahead!) decision; much of the information so gathered will also continue to be useful in providing input to key decisions taken later on in the project (assuming the decision to move forward has been taken), throughout the conception, structure and development phases of the web site. The activities include preliminary sketching of planning as well as assembly of the key information that would be used in the Project definition phase. On a case-by-case basis, the activities may also include preliminary analysis and feasibility studies, if the information gathered via such activities is deemed necessary for the go-ahead decision in the specific case.



Project definition:

  • Define type of site, purpose/objectives, mission and target audience (expectations, etc.)
  • Identify site sponsor, stakeholders
  • Time frame limits

Identify constrains or conditions, including:

  • Special/particular standards, directives, specifications applicable
  • Define how and where a site will be hosted
  • Security specific constraints

Preliminary definition of resources for project execution:

  • Internal/external execution, contract/call for tender
  • Budgetary/Resource limits/Define if any additional resources (human, budgetary) are needed
  • Training needs (training plan)
  • Resources (personnel needed, recruitment, etc.)
  • Technical infrastructure (server resources needed)
  • Web translation and editing needs

Conduct preliminary analysis of risks associated with project.


Quality Assurance/Evaluation criteria

  • Preliminary Risk assessment


  • Input necessary to construct the Creative Brief, including perceived user needs or preliminary outline/list of the site requirements
  • Sufficient information for the Go-ahead decision to be made
  • DGs should include initial requests for hosting information systems in the Data Centre in their annual Schema Directeur exercise


  • Creative brief (Project definition, including: stakeholders, project sponsor, overall conceptual and visual aims of the site, information on target group(s), how users will experience the site, communication strategy, risks)
  • Basic concept plan
  • Preliminary risk list
  • Go-ahead decision