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DGs can get support for their site projects from four services: DG Communication, DG Translation, DG Informatics and the Publications Office.

  • The EUROPA team in DG Communication gives editorial advice during the entire period of site creation. It also performs the quality check of the site prior to publication.
  • The web translation unit can help you, not only for translating the web pages, but also for checking the language quality of your original texts.  
  • DG Informatics together with the technical team in DG Communication advises on technical implications. It checks with the originating department whether the techniques envisaged for implementing the project on EUROPA are compatible with the Commission’s general informatics architecture and that of the EUROPA server in particular. DG Informatics provides the necessary infrastructure core e-services to implement the project. (e.g. Authoring or Interactive services).
  • The Publications Office gives advice during the planning period. It can also help you with implementing your outsourcing scenario for all processes through its framework contracts (see Publications Office website on MyIntracommRestricted area: This link points to internal pages and may not work if you are browsing as an external user. and its website on EUROPA).

Apart from the information contained in the IPG, the major other information sources in this context are: 

  • The Interinstitutional Style Guide defines the standard drafting conventions for all the institutions in all the official languages (e.g. official names for countries, institutions, currencies, etc.).