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Quality requirements

Sites on EUROPA must satisfy the quality requirements described in this guide. DG Communication offers a quality control service that checks the editorial as well as the technical quality of the site.


The quality control, which is carried out both for the technical as well as the editorial aspect of the site, aims to help DGs to improve the quality of their websites by identifying shortcomings and errors as far as the IPG is concerned and by making suggestions on how to improve their site. The chapter on quality assurance gives a complete overview of the work involved and contains checklists that can be used during construction of the site in order to ensure that the final product complies to the IPG requirements.

Whenever site construction is outsourced, the contract must contain the necessary clauses to ensure the site quality according to the IPG rules. For all contracts concluded via the Publications Office, the conformity to quality criteria (e.g. IPG) is included.