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Maintain your website

The purpose of this phase is to assure day-to-day maintenance of your site, including keeping it up-to-date, and its continuous evolution (where applicable).



This section describes various activities necessary once a site has been launched, including day-to-day maintenance, gathering of feedback from surveys, statistics and other means, and their analysis in order to improve the site. The section covers also those activities related to site archiving, backup, etc.



  • Manual and automatic transfer request procedures (Transfert tools)
  • Capturing and periodically analysing information about site usage (User feedback)
  • Coordination and review of new content streams
  • Maintenance of graphic and editorial standards
  • Regular site backups (off-line and on-line)
  • Site/pages archiving
  • Deletion of obsolete content or relocation of the content (redirection, archiving, notification procedure)
  • Periodic verification of links integrity (quality tools and services) and editorial quality control of site content
  • Writing of technical documentation and user manuals
  • Revision, updating, translating and publishing of the content

Continuous and regular updating

  • Regular (daily, weekly, monthly) updating of information pages using HTML editors or the CWCMS
  • Daily updating activities include removing, changing, amending and replacing specific pages, documents and hyperlinks
  • Insertion of  new pages
  • Amending layout and design
  • Creation of redirection pages
  • Modification of (internal and external) links
  • Setting-up a systematic quality control system for updates


  • Content Management procedure
  • Feedback strategy
  • Site in production (on-line)
  • Distributed publicity materials


  • Statistics report (analysed server logs)