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A number of standard images are used in most of (ec.) websites: languages icons, EUROPA and WAI logos. All webmasters should use the same images in other to have coherence among all EUROPA sites.


The languages icons have a standardised size and are used in web pages to indicate the change of language or available linguistic versions for the target link.

The WAI logo indicates that pages, as well as (some of) their subpages, were designed with accessibility in mind. It also links to the central EUROPA page describing its "Web accessibility policy".

The EUROPA logo can be used on external sites for linking to the EUROPA site. Its use is submitted to prior notification, including the detailed description of the project, in writing to the EUROPA web coordination team. Reproduction for personal use is also authorized. Its redissemination (for educational purposes, research, private study, or internal circulation within an organisation) in whatever form is subject to prior permission issued by the Office of Publications.