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Archive stamp

How to put an archive stamp on your page


Sample of the archive site: Europa chats

Download version

File archive_banner.zipzip(162 kB) contains: 22 htms, central style sheet, and images.


In order to include a "stamp" on your banner which says that the site is archived, ensure that:

  • the head section contains link to the archives.css: <link type="text/css" href="archives.css" rel="stylesheet"></link>


  • the body section contains the following div element: <div id="archive"> <img height="124" width="250" border="0" alt="This site has been archived on (yyyy/mm/dd)" src="/wel/images/archiving/banner_archive_en.gif"> <div>DD/MM/YY</div> </div>

where DD/MM/YY is a date date of archiving. Example for english version.