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Promotion of a website

Any launch of a new website, revamp of an existing site or new functionality addition to a site, should be communicated as wide as possibly to users both within and outside the European institutions.

The information communicated should be aimed at increasing the visibility and popularity of the new site and should stress its usefulness, improvements and novelty in order to increase the number of users and pass its message to the widest possible and most relevant audience.

Promoting a website usually involves a set of activities before, during and/or after the official launch. You may involve both internal and external parties or resources and a single means or a variety of different means. It might be destined to a specific target audience or to a variety of target audiences.

All information related to the promotion of a website should be defined and included in a separate communication plan, or could be part of a wider communication plan.


Communication plan

Promotional actions should be planned well in advance and not be left until late in the development phase. The timing of promotional activities should be defined in the relevant communication plan, and is closely related to the project’s timetable.

Promotional actions can take place at the publication of a new site, during an event, or when a new or important piece of information becomes available. They may continue after that time and can be anticipated and planned in order to best raise awareness and interest.

Read more about Communication plan.



Promotion of a site involves short-, mid- and long-term planning. Actions have to be determined and tasks and responsibilities have to be allocated. It is important to decide who will be informed about the new website, how, when and where:

  1. Internally, before and when the project is being launched (within the DGs and Services, web editors network, EUROPA webmasters Forum, CEiii)
  2. Externally, when the site becomes available online (New on EUROPA).


In order to evaluate the promotion exercise, it is necessary to find out and demonstrate concretely how it has paid off (i.e. monitoring closely statistics,  possible increase in the number of visitors, increase in being referenced by search engines, being mentioned in blogs, social networks, etc.) Gathering, analysing and reviewing systematically such data against previous site statistics would be a good evaluation start.



  • Announcement on EUROPA
  • Announcement on other related sites
  • Press release
  • CD-ROM
  • Flyers and mini posters
  • Referencing in search engines
  • Published articles in newsletters
  • Message(s) posted in mailing lists, blogs, social networks
  • Placement of promotional banner


Further information on promotion issues can be requested by email to the EUROPA team