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Standard templates

The standard presentation provides the following advantages to both users and information providers:

  • A "corporate image" for the Commission which confirms the coherent look of the service;
  • Ease of use through:
    • standard facilities recognised by consistent appearance and position on every page providing the same functions throughout the site at all levels
    • navigational aids both "vertically" and "horizontally" (for example, between languages)

The standard template must be used for all new development and can also be introduced on existing pages to replace a previous template, but this should be done on a site basis, not page by page.

The pages using this template must contain at least all the elements shown in the mandatory version. Possible additional standard elements are shown in the complete version.


There are two templates:

The "" address space is interinstitutional and brings together information from all the European institutions. Even though each institution manages its own site, EUROPA is designed as the starting point for all information concerning the European Union. The interinstitutional pages are administered by the Commission (DG COMM) on behalf of and in close collaboration with the other institutions.

Sites that have an interinstitutional mission and content or which are not linked to a particular institution or DG can be hosted at EU level and must use the Interinstituional template.

For the Commission's Directorates-General, the default address space is "".

Sites with which the Commission's departments would be associated without having adequate control of the information disseminated must use addresses outside the "" domain.

You can download templates in 24 languages on their respective pages.

The templates are now available in a responsive design.