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Writing for the Web

Quick overview? See below the checklist for writing a web page.



  • Who is the audience and is the content relevant/interesting to them?
  • Does the page have just one (main) subject – and what is it?
  • Is the key information in the most prominent position (usually the top of the page)?
  • Does the page have an intro paragraph summarising the page’s key idea (answering the basic questions: who, what, where, why, how, when)?
  • Does the page contain only essential content?
  • Is background info linked to rather than being quoted in full on the page? (Don't duplicate content already available on EUROPA/the Web)?
  • Are all the concepts expressed as much as possible from the perspective of the reader, not the EU?

Structure and presentation

  • Are plentiful, meaningful (sub)headings used (to show how the different text chunks relate to each other)?
  • Is bolding used to highlight key ideas in each paragraph? (max. 2 items per paragraph)
  • Are paragraphs short? (max. 2-3 lines - even 1 sentence is fine).
  • Does each paragraph have just 1 main idea?
  • 3 or more items listed in running text should be a bulleted list or table.
  • If the page is long, does it have internal navigation links at the top?

Optimising for search engines

People are much more likely to find your pages through search engines if the following are short, meaningful, and include keywords (at the beginning):


Style and volume of words