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Eur-Lex, EU-Bookshop and TED: how to establish links?

The Publications Office provides precise instructions for establishing links to the documents.



EUR-Lex ( provides direct free access to European Union law. The system makes it possible to consult the Official Journal of the European Union and it includes inter alia the treaties, legislation, case-law and legislative proposals. It offers extensive search facilities.

You will find how to create links to documents on their website.

For more information about content and functionalities of the site, please visit the page About EUR-Lex.



The deep link should have the following format:<catalogue number>:<navigation language>

The deep link is composed of the first 9 characters of the catalogue number, followed by the 2 characters of the navigation language you want for the information display. For example, for displaying the details related to publication KA7007020 in the navigation language English, the link will look as follows:

You can also add the language code to the 9 characters of the catalogue number:

Please note that due to the strictly language based architecture of the EU-Bookshop, the display of the publication language is coupled with the navigation language chosen, with fallback to EN. Therefore, if no navigation language encoding is applied, EU-Bookshop will choose EN by default:

If you implement such links on your website engine or in-house application, we recommend to dynamically link to the current navigation language of the user. It will be of course more user friendly to keep the same browsing language when going from your website to the related EU-Bookshop pages.


TED (Tenders Electronic Daily)

The links to TED documents have the following format:

where xxxxxx-xxxx must be replaced by the number of the document (ex: 123456-2006) and yy by the language code (ex: EN for English).

For complete HTML code of the link, ready to copy paste into your HTML page code, please click on the ‘URI’ icon in the documents: a small window with the code will open.