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The interinstitutional "" site brings together information from all the European institutions. Even though each institution manages its own site, EUROPA is designed as the starting point for all information concerning the European Union. Around 30 million visitors a month start their search for EU information from the homepage which is available in 24 languages.

The aim of the top level pages are twofold:

  • to help people find official EU information and services on the Web
  • to provide information on how the EU operates.

The top level pages are run by DG Communication on behalf of the EU institutions. 
Interinstitutional Editorial Committee was created to set up a permanent structure to coordinate the development of the institutions’ websites. The Committee meet on a regular basis to discuss the development of these pages and also to discuss the EU's Web presence more generally.



Basic guide to EU and policies

The top level of the EU's website offers basic information on how the EU operates.

The top level pages offer a beginner's guides to EU policies. This section is also under review to respond to user feedback and to make the pages more dynamic (eg including updated news and events in each policy field).

Interinstitutional sites

Sites that have an interinstitutional mission and content or which are not linked to a particular institution or DG can be hosted at EU level.

Examples of sites which have an EU character include:

  • Press Releases RAPID is for journalists.
  • EU newsroom gathers news from EU institutions.
  • Europe Direct is for citizens looking for advice or help in their neighbourhood, or for a local forum promoting dialogue and awareness about EU policies.
  • Transparency Register offers a single access to Civil Society to register and contribute to EU policy making.

Sites targeting the general public and providing EU information not related to a single Institution or DG can also have an name. For more details see the section on types of sites.

Linking service

The site serves as a portal or linking service to EU information online. The site is divided into 6 main topics:

There are around 80 pages behind the home page which send visitors to many 1000s of different sources of EU information. Each link is explained briefly to help users in their search. The two most popular sections are About the EU and Publications and documents. The home page also provides quick links to EU institutions and bodies, as well as contact information, news and features.

The design, layout and navigation of the site was tested extensively on users and was designed for accessibility and quick download times.