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The Commission site provides information from the different Directorates-General, Services and Commissioners private offices. This information may be administrative or thematic and relates to the executive role of the European Commission – such as its legislation and policy initiatives, work programme, services, official documents, news and current affairs (press releases, events, etc.). The Commission site also provides the contact points for the various Commission departments, the Representations and the Delegations.



The different sites that in their entirety compose the Commission site are managed by the individual Directorates-General and services in a decentralised way. Each site, however, must fit into the overall structure of the Commission's site, which means that they must:

Commission sites can be divided into two main categories:

  1. 'Generic' sites or portals (which include policy sites, priority sites, audience portals, service sites e.a.)
  2. Organisational sites (which include Commissioner sites, DG sites and the sites of the Representations).

The Commission pages are easily recognisable by their banner/template. Examples of Commission templates can be seen at the following sites: EuropeAid, Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020.